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Emergency Dentist — Winfield, KS

Know Who to Call When Problems Appear

If you have a medical emergency, it’s clear that you should call the doctor or go to the emergency room, especially if your problem does not get better. However, do you know who to call when you or a family member has a toothache or similar dental problem? The reality is dental emergencies don’t often get better on their own. That’s why even if you aren’t sure if what you’re experiencing is a dental emergency, we encourage you to give us a call to find out for sure and gain true peace of mind thanks to fast and effective emergency dentistry in Winfield, KS. We offer same-day emergency appointments, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Why Choose David C. Parsons DDS for Emergency Dental Care?

  • Sedation Options Available for Nervous Patients
  • Sees Referrals from Local Hospital
  • Provides After-Hours Visits for Current Patients

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Woman with a toothache in Winfield holding her face
  • Schedule a same-day appointment: After you contact our office, we’ll do our best to get you seen the same day that you call. Our team member can provide first-aid tips over the phone after taking note of your symptoms as well. On top of offering same-day care, we also offer after-hours visits for our patients of record.
  • Get examined by Dr. Parsons: When you arrive, we’ll get you checked in right away so you can be seen by Dr. Parsons for an emergency exam. This process may involve X-rays depending on your symptoms. He’ll work quickly to get you pain relief.
  • Review our findings: Following your exam, we’ll have a much better understanding of what’s going on inside your mouth. This will allow us to create a treatment plan, provide cost estimates, and give a timeline of your care.
  • Get the care you need: Our experienced team will work as quickly as possible to get you the treatment you need to resolve your dental emergency. This could involve a dental filling, crown, root canal therapy, gum disease treatment, antibiotics, or another service.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

When a dental emergency strikes, the first thing you should do is stay calm and give our dental office a call so you can schedule an emergency appointment. We want to get you seen as soon as possible, especially if you are experiencing dental pain in any way. In the meantime, there are steps you can take depending on the type of emergency you’re dealing with. Take a look at our tips below ahead of your visit!

Understanding the Cost of Dental Emergencies 

Man thinking about the cost of emergency dentistry in Winfield

The cost of your treatment varies depending on the procedure needed to resolve your dental issue. While some emergencies can be managed with simple measures (such as removing decay and placing a filling), others require more involved treatment (such as root canal therapy to treat a dental infection causing discomfort). While all dental services have their own respective costs, we’re happy to create a treatment plan that fits within your budget. The last thing you should do is put off care you need simply because of cost, because this could lead to more expenses later.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Man brushing his teeth to prevent dental emergencies in Winfield

The majority of dental emergencies can be prevented when you practice brushing and flossing every day and maintain routine dental checkups, but there are other tips worth keeping in mind as well. For example, make sure to:

  • Avoid chewing on inedible objects (i.e. packages, pens, pencils, fingernails)
  • Avoid chewing ice cubes
  • Wear a mouthguard when playing sports
  • Wear a nightguard if you grind your teeth while sleeping
  • Use caution when chewing hard or crunchy foods